In the region of Slivno – Ravno, more accurately in a little place called Raba, 3 km away from your and our rest area, the Ilić family possesses their own olive groves.
The olive groves can be found on several different locations, not far away from each other. There are approximately 1000 olive trees in the area, of the OBLICA, LASTOVKA variety.

The soil convenient for olive yield and production of extra virgin olive oil helps us a lot during the cultivation of two sorts of olive trees. We have won two medals in international exposes, MASLINA 2006 (gold medal) and MASLINA 2007 (bronze medal).
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Domestic wine BOMBO STRIKAN (plavac)

It is a great feeling to offer your own wine, and an even greater one when someone likes the taste of it.

The land workers in Dalmatia have for centuries kept and nourished a tradition of production of quality wines; the grape vine in Dalmatia is still today very much appreciated among connoisseurs from all over the world.
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